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Welcome to the CyBENCH Project Pages - 4bit RF remote

Part 1 - Theory of operation

In the beginning........

There are a number of remote control projects available on the internet.
Most of which require a good knowledge of electronics and possible the
ability and equipment to program a microcontroller of one variant or another.

My original idea was to use a handful of maplin parts to create a remote control system.

I then began to look at cost, the RF modules in particular.

In the background, I recently purchased a cheap car alarm, (details in part 7)
I intended to steal it's RF section for a few round-the house applications.

This has all the RF gubbins needed including two keyfobs and batteries.

The chipset used has four inputs and outputs for the user to play with
The device address is selected by changing solder blobs
Each of the 8 address lines can be high, low or not connected.
Data for the chipset is also in section 7