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The CYBOT problem pages - Cybot does nothing

A problem that has been reported a few times is explained below.

It seems that some switch/cable sets are faulty.

This fault supplies 9v to the 6v circuits and 6v to the 9v circuits.

This is due to crossed over switch wiring.

ABOVE: CORRECT switch wiring.

If your switch assembly has different wiring, you may have a fault.
You should see:
  • Two unused connections.
  • A red wire and a white wire on the middle connections
  • Working down from the spare connections, red should be above red.
  • Working down from the spare connections, white should be above white.

If you have different coloured wires directly above each other, you have a fault.

Your options are:
  • Contact Eaglemoss about this, they will replace it.
  • Email me, I will change the wires over for you (UK only).
  • Change the connections yourself if you have the ability.
  • Ask your local TV/electical repair shop, they may do it for a small fee.