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The CYBOT problem pages - Connector Repair

A few people have suffered with poor connections (as listed in the Light IO board problems).

Other people have had wires becoming disconnected from the body of the plug.

Care should be taken when unplugging the leads.
The plug should be pulled out by its plastic body, not the wires.

The wire can be soldered back in place whilst the contact remains in the plastic shell.
This is not desirable, as the plastic housing can melt and deform.

A better solution is to remove the offending contact insert, solder the wire on and replace.

Here's how:


ABOVE: front view and side view of the connector

The metal contact insert is held in place using a small metal barb and plastic lever.

When pushed into place, this mechanism prevents the contact from being pushed out.

In order to remove the contact, the plastic lever must be lifted, I use a knife blade.

Once the lever is lifted, you can push the contact out of the plastic shell.
I found the easiest method was to use thin solid wire, I used a resistor leg.

Once removed, solder the wire to the end of the contact and insert back into the shell.

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