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The CYBOT RF Remote control

Part 7 - Connecting the Handest to the Keyfob

Connecting the Handset to the eyfob is quite simple.

Again, I used coloured ribbon cable, 7 way this time, approx. 150mm length.
You can use any thin wire though, the coloured ribbon suited the pictures though.

Cut the wire to the required length, approx 150mm.
Strip and tin the wires of each end.

Solder the wires to the Handset board as shown:

Solder the wires to underside of the Keyfob as shown below.
I arranged mine so that the cable could exit the side of the keyfob.

First connect the +B and 0v connections:

Connect the lower two signal inputs (pins 10 and 11):

Connect the upper two signal inputs (pins 12 and 13) and Vdd (Pin 18):

Place the Keyfob PCB back into the lower keyfob case.

Replace the battery, observing polarity.

I had to cut a small hole in the side of the upper keyfob case for the wire to exit.

Replace the top cover and the fixing screw.

Well Done, You are now ready to test your creation.